mercredi 2 mars 2011

I'm fierce baby!!!!

Hi guys you can tell from the title that i'm so into wild prints i love anything leoprady like this gray cardigan it's one of my favourite pieces for the winter so comfy love it great for the lunatic weather that we've been having lately. So are you a fan of leopard prints like ME or is it too Sylvia Fine for you (nineties here i come!!)
Today i decided to wear heels i have a lot of heels in my shoe closet but i don't wear them that often i need practical thing and i'm still searching for the perfect wedge boots. So do you wear heels on a regular basis or are you just like me you buy them and watch them resting in your closet?
Here's a little glimse at my shoe closet Tatata!!!
Thank you daddy love yaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Cardigan (George)/ Cape sweater (Promod) / Jeans (H and M)
Belt (Thrifted) / Bag (DKNY)/ Suede Boots ( Aldo)
Good night ladies and hope i will hear from all of ya sooon :)

12 commentaires:

  1. Love the sweater and OMG LOOK AT THAT SHOE CLOSET!!! haha


  2. You're so pretty! And I LOVE your shoe closet!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing shoe collection! *drools* Leopard is too wild for me. I'm a scaredy-cat, hehe. But girl, you sure are looking fierce! Work that outfit!

  4. The cuffed jeans look is very chic- love it.

  5. Wow you have a great shoe closet! I only wear heels during the weekends, but when I used to work in Summer I wore heels every day! Wedges are the perfect solution though x

  6. i LOVE your shoe closet!! and you're rocking the animal print!

    cute and little

  7. girl you are fierce!! Hope you'll check out my blog as well,!

  8. love the leopard cardi and the shoes closet!

  9. Dear Katou,

    Thanks for dropping by my page and leaving a comment. You really have a lot of shoes.

    Squeeze The Pug

  10. omg, amazing shoe closet! envious!

  11. wow I am jealous of your shoe closet! Shoes are my favorite!


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