samedi 21 mai 2011

It's CORAL not pink!

Hi guys how are you doing, i'm staying at home today  it's been raining all day long for three days i did not manage to get some nice pictures and since i normally go home late (when it's almost dark) the weekend is my favourite time to get some blog pictures. Anyway this skirt is my favourite item for the moment, actually it was a size 14 vintage dress that i transformed into a maxi breezy CORAL skirt ( technically it was my mum who did it but the idea was mine), so i got this one for the equivalent of 2$. I'm obssessed with it, i could wear it everyday and it coral ( yeah don't let the pictures mislead you it's a nice vibrant coral color).
So tell me are you into the reworked vintage pieces or not at all?

Top: Banana Republic/ Skirt: Vintage reworked/ Bag: local vendor
Flats: Dranni/ Sunnies: Dior
I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!
Lots of love and fashion :)

mardi 3 mai 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: White Out

Hi guys, it's been a while I really missed you, but i was really really busy, my finals are in two weeks and with that new job i have a giagantesque workload but i promise (i hope) i will be more available in 3weeks and it will be just in time to style spring and summer outfits.

So i love challenges and today i decided to take the Bloggers Do It Better: White Out Challenge, actually my outfit wasn't that white because the rain did not stop yesterday and it was a little difficult to wear white pants or skirt. Anyway this all white trend is really on of my favourites this season, actually white is my favourite color and it's just perfect for summer and spring.
Jeans: H&M/T-shirt: H&M organic collection/ Blazer:H&M
Bag Avant-Première/ Flats: ZARA
Bye girls and have a nice week!!!