samedi 21 mai 2011

It's CORAL not pink!

Hi guys how are you doing, i'm staying at home today  it's been raining all day long for three days i did not manage to get some nice pictures and since i normally go home late (when it's almost dark) the weekend is my favourite time to get some blog pictures. Anyway this skirt is my favourite item for the moment, actually it was a size 14 vintage dress that i transformed into a maxi breezy CORAL skirt ( technically it was my mum who did it but the idea was mine), so i got this one for the equivalent of 2$. I'm obssessed with it, i could wear it everyday and it coral ( yeah don't let the pictures mislead you it's a nice vibrant coral color).
So tell me are you into the reworked vintage pieces or not at all?

Top: Banana Republic/ Skirt: Vintage reworked/ Bag: local vendor
Flats: Dranni/ Sunnies: Dior
I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!
Lots of love and fashion :)

mardi 3 mai 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: White Out

Hi guys, it's been a while I really missed you, but i was really really busy, my finals are in two weeks and with that new job i have a giagantesque workload but i promise (i hope) i will be more available in 3weeks and it will be just in time to style spring and summer outfits.

So i love challenges and today i decided to take the Bloggers Do It Better: White Out Challenge, actually my outfit wasn't that white because the rain did not stop yesterday and it was a little difficult to wear white pants or skirt. Anyway this all white trend is really on of my favourites this season, actually white is my favourite color and it's just perfect for summer and spring.
Jeans: H&M/T-shirt: H&M organic collection/ Blazer:H&M
Bag Avant-Première/ Flats: ZARA
Bye girls and have a nice week!!!

lundi 18 avril 2011

Fashion Week Tunis 2011

Hi guys I know I've been away a long time but i was gathering goodies for you, I don't know if you are aware of that but it's our third edition of Fashion Week here in Tunisia, and the international fashion community was waiting for this event post-revolution and it was GREAT.
We had the chance to meet amazing people too, journalists from the NY Times and an editor from the ELLE France who proposed to us an internship in PARIS can you imagine that!!!
With Valérie Abecassis from ELLE France
And with Alice Pfeiffer a freelance journalist
My cousin and I doing our own version of FW
Shoes(Bershka)/Scarf(Local Store)/Bag(Mulberry)
In the car READYYYY to goooo!!
And i present to you my handsome cousin he's like a brother to me and he's an amazing model TATA:
Have a great week everybody!!!!

mercredi 13 avril 2011

Foxy Maxi

Hi guys I know i've been away for some days but I'm bag with a lot of new looks and ideas, I'm sporting the maxi dress for Everybody, Everywhere because I missed the Polka Dots challenge and i was craving to participate on one of theit challenge, i voted for the pencil skirt though ( several times) because i think that pencil skirts are a very winter-y look and we still have the time to wear and style our maxis for spring and summer.
Anyway maxi is one of my top favourite trends of the moment so comfy and girly and you have that instant boho chic look that i looove!!!!
Maxi dress worn as a skirt ( Ella Moss)/Blouse(Xhilaration)/ Belt (Thrifted)
Wedges(Jumelles)/ Bag (AP)/ Watch (Guess)/Bangles (Local Store)
Sorry again for the quality of the pictures i don't have my camera man with me (BF) and when i go out it still dark and when i go home it's dark too, just have to wait for the real spring and then we will enjou hot spring pictures :)

I'm gonna go get some sleep guys i definetely need it, big day tomorrow.
Take care of yourselves and i'm waiting for your maxi looks
Maxi | Everybody, Everywear

vendredi 25 mars 2011

Office Life Here I Coooooome!!!!

Hi guyyyys it's been a while, i really missed you all (YES I missed you we are friends now). I was really busy, normally i would have  my mid-semester break from school but that means that i have to go to the office everyday from 9-6 but it's cool i like it over there, it's very laid-back. Anyway, since i don't have to run from school to work these days, i decided to go for the whole corporate look thing, i kinda like it: the fancy button-up and the elegant pants (aka jeans are not elegant), i might get used to it who know?!
So you tell me you like this outfit on me, are you afn of this kind of outfits. Actually i'm much of a jeans girl but i like changing, discovering new things in fashion; like i used to say that i'll never ever wear blazers or flares (we've all been there) and now it's like my favourite FAVOURITE Trend.
Trench(ZARA)/ Cardigan (H&M)/ Button-up (AP)
Pants (Sottomarino)/ Shoes (KOAN)/ Belt (Thrifted)
Bag (Local Brand)/ Watch (Guess)
Just a little pic for the road, it's my younger brother he's a student pilot i'm so proud of him, he's really one of my best friends and in the top 5 of my favourite people in the world!

Bye guys, hope you'll have a great weekend, i'm planning to have a nice cosy weekend but we'll see.
Lots of love and positive vibes!!!!

jeudi 17 mars 2011

For Japan With Love

Today I'm participating to the Bloggers Day of silence (You can check it here), so that means that i won't be blogging today, a little gesture of respect for the grief of the Japanese People. The aim is just raise awareness and respect andto communicate the message that the people of Japan our brothers from across the world need us, need our help, our prayers; we should really acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan and do something to help them. Here's my approach if you can donate it do it even little amounts of money or clothes will help and if you have already a lot going on please pray for them they need a lot of that too.
I hope that you all are safe and we should try to be grateful for what we have every day that God makes, frateful for the food in the table evreyday, for the roof over your head,for our family, for our friends, for our freedom, for our health.

mercredi 16 mars 2011

Stay Positive!!!!!

Hi guys it have been a while i was really busy with all the reports that i have to prepare for school and those for work, and i was sick like a dog for the whole weekend, i hate flu.
Anyway lately i've been a little emotional/pessimistic with all that horrible things happening in the world right now, i'm so sorry for the people in Japan my heart is with them and the people in Bahrain and different parts of the Arabic world that are persecuted by their dictators. I'm really shocked of the lack of humanity or its inexistence, of these people; I mean a human being is really capabale of the worst!!!
But I'm trying to convince my self that this world will show us better days really soon, i really hope so!
Sweater (H&M)/ Turtleneck(Gap)/ Jeans (H&M)
Scarf (Thrifted)/ Belt (Thrifted)/ Boots (ZARA)
Bag (Dooney and Burke)/ Shades (Dior)
I have faith in God and i know that glorious happy days are on their way to fill this world with joy!!!
A little touch of love :)
My favourite dark chocolate and pistachios :)
So guys stay safe and pray for all the citizens of the world that really need your prayers :)
Lots of love and positive energy!!!!!

vendredi 11 mars 2011

Fashion Experiment

Hi girls!!!! It's Friday that means that tomorrow i'll have my weekend i looove weekends, i can do my favourite activities only in the weekend: sleeping, shopping and chilling. I told you I LOVE weekends.
Anyway lately i've been trying different trends from color blocking to leopard; today i tried something i saw on Clothed Much, wearing two cardigans together i thought it was a little bit risky but i'm pretty proud of the result, so what do you thing it could be something that you can try or it's obvisouly a fashion faux-pas???
Chunky Cardigan (Thrifted) / Brown Cardigan (Decoster)
Dress ( H&M)/ Rider Boots (Thrifted)/ Scarf ( Local Store)
Belt (Thrifted)/ Bag (Longchamp)
I'm really sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, i have no one to take my photos especially in the morning and the BF is out of town so please forgive me for that.
I wanted to do the Friend Friday post but i couldn't enter to the group can someone brieff me on that i'm really debutant in the blogging world.
PS: If anyone has some suggestions to make please feel free to do it, i need your feedback guys.
Bye Bye and see you tomorrow guys lots of love!!!!

mercredi 9 mars 2011

Call me Katou

Hi girls!!! How was your day?? today's meeting will be quick i have to do laundry, to study etc... Lot of things to do, just wish if i could have one extra hour in my day.
So if you wanna understand my title, it's something that i have to face everyday actually my real name is Kawther (it means holly river) but Katou is my nickname growing up everybody call me Katou, sometimes i get like real identity issues when someone calls my real name and i don't make any reaction; So long story short lots of clients that i call don't catch my name so from now on i will go by Katou even in work nice!!!!
That way I will not have to deal with identity issues any more ;)
Dress (Thrifted) / Buttoned-up (Body By Victoria)/ Cardigan (Only)
Pashmina (Street Vendor)/ Tights (TCM)/ Boots (Gucci)
Bag (Guess) / Belt (Thrifted)
I have to go guys!!! See you tomorrow hopefully Bye take care!!!
ps: I found an amazing post by J from J's Everyday about this summer trends really interesting :)

mardi 8 mars 2011

Denim on Denim

Hi guys!!!How was your day, did your week start well? So sorry for the in-doors pictures i had to run (YES as usual) this morning to the office so didn't have much time to take pictures and even if i had the time i have no one to take my pictures especially on mornings.
So today i decided to take care of my body i have to stop eating stuff loaded with calories i have to start eating healthy meals and do some exercice, hopefully by summer i'll be slimmer and healthier.
So i bet you guys had tried different diets any feedback??? any miracle recipe ??Please i need like serious help my thighs are getting enormous and i would like to wear shorts and dresses and skirts this summer.
Denim Shirt (Thrifted)/ Jeans (H&M)/ Sweater (Heine)
 Knit (Moda)/ Suede Short Boots (Akira)
Bag (Urban Behaviour) /Sunnies (Dior)
Gotta go i have a super interesting (aka BOOORING) finance article to read ONLY 78 pages of theories ;)
Bye bye girls see ya tomorrow Inchallah lots of love and joy!!!!

lundi 7 mars 2011

Ain't no Fortune Teller

Hi guys How was your weekend did you had the chance to catch up with family/kids/friends or go out for a nice a walk with your man??
You look like a fortune teller (refering to to the turban headband) that's what the BF told me when i crossed the door, I had the exact reaction while getting dressed but i love that scarf and i thought it looked great with this colour mix. Lucky me i found these lovely orange boxes in a construction site on our way, a little more colour would'nt hurt ya!!
So tell me are you a fan of brights, me i do them normally in summer but i was pretty inspired by Kileen from the Cute and Little , i really love her mix and i'm pretty proud of this starting. I would like to have some feedback on my outfits so the colour mix thing is it a Do or a Don't???
Cardigan (Only) / Sweater (Banana Republic) / Skirt (Banana Republic)
Shoes (Local Brand) / Tights (TCM)/Bag (Thrifted) 
 Scarf (Thrifted)/ Sunnies (Ray Ban)
I have to go girls i have a lot of things to do (as usual) love ya take care and have a great week!!!

dimanche 6 mars 2011

Awkward and AWESOME Saturday 2nd Edition

Pied-De- Poule Jacket ( H and M) / Tweed Skirt (Dalia Collection) / Bag (Thrifted) / Top ( Jennifer Taylor)
Cardigan (Now) / Jean (Random) / Watch (Guess)
Suede Boots (Zara)/ Belt (Thrifted)
Hi guys I'm sharing with you my Awkward and Awesome moments of the day:
- I went to the mall and to my favourite Thrift Store and actually My Thrift store is like a second home for me; I don't know what's like in the US but here in Tunisia if you don't come early like really early (7a.m) when they display the newest stuff you won't find anything worthy after that so as some of you noticed i love to thrift it's like an obssession and my dad don't want me to go out early in the morning because it's still dark so I tell him that i'm going to the library imagine what kind of knowledge i'm getting there and yesterday he discovered and he laughed so hard about the metaphor so from no one i'm the most educated person in my family (aka: shopholic) so is anyone having the same love for reading than me??
- The man was supposed to take me for dinner in some fancy restaurant called Plaza and my cousin and a friend were going with us so I put on the second outfit thinking i was going there and after that wa were too late because of my cousin so we decided to go to our favourite family restaurant"Broadway" we love it  but i had to change my outfit it was too fancy fancy for that place and then Tada LISTEN PEOPLE I changed my clothes in the car YES i put on jeans and changed the shirt in the car and like it wasn't embrassing and hilarious enough 3 soldiers yes like from the army, they were like doing a round or sth like that (because of the revolution Army and Police are cooperating to re-establish the order in the country), crossed the street just in front of the car, I was so embarassed!!!
- We took photos at 12 p.m in the staircase of my cousin's building and we were taking really goofy pictures and shouting like kids and some old lady came up saying: don't you have a home to go to, i have to precise that usually i don't do that kind of stuff but they took out the calmer person and replace it by some wild chick:)
Group photo
- I went shopping found some basics in the mall and bought the cutest skirts ever from my Thrift Store
- We went to our favourite and i had my favourite chicken Roquefort Sauce DELICIOUS
- I finally can present some decent photos to you guys hope i'll get better and better in this posting thing
- I spent amazing time with the BF i miss him so much during the week with my crazy planning:job, school..
- I normally don't like animals but my cousin owns a poodle it's like her baby, yesterday i spent the night at her's and in the middle of the night i wake up and i find Chipie sleeping next to me she was so cute I'm now officially poodle friendly (YES only poodles i told you i don't like animals but i'm formely against any harmful act towards animals!!)
My cousin Hind enjoying her 4Fromages Penne
Hind showing off her amazing Albano Peep toes
WARNING: extra cheese can damage your brain!!!