dimanche 6 mars 2011

Awkward and AWESOME Saturday 2nd Edition

Pied-De- Poule Jacket ( H and M) / Tweed Skirt (Dalia Collection) / Bag (Thrifted) / Top ( Jennifer Taylor)
Cardigan (Now) / Jean (Random) / Watch (Guess)
Suede Boots (Zara)/ Belt (Thrifted)
Hi guys I'm sharing with you my Awkward and Awesome moments of the day:
- I went to the mall and to my favourite Thrift Store and actually My Thrift store is like a second home for me; I don't know what's like in the US but here in Tunisia if you don't come early like really early (7a.m) when they display the newest stuff you won't find anything worthy after that so as some of you noticed i love to thrift it's like an obssession and my dad don't want me to go out early in the morning because it's still dark so I tell him that i'm going to the library imagine what kind of knowledge i'm getting there and yesterday he discovered and he laughed so hard about the metaphor so from no one i'm the most educated person in my family (aka: shopholic) so is anyone having the same love for reading than me??
- The man was supposed to take me for dinner in some fancy restaurant called Plaza and my cousin and a friend were going with us so I put on the second outfit thinking i was going there and after that wa were too late because of my cousin so we decided to go to our favourite family restaurant"Broadway" we love it  but i had to change my outfit it was too fancy fancy for that place and then Tada LISTEN PEOPLE I changed my clothes in the car YES i put on jeans and changed the shirt in the car and like it wasn't embrassing and hilarious enough 3 soldiers yes like from the army, they were like doing a round or sth like that (because of the revolution Army and Police are cooperating to re-establish the order in the country), crossed the street just in front of the car, I was so embarassed!!!
- We took photos at 12 p.m in the staircase of my cousin's building and we were taking really goofy pictures and shouting like kids and some old lady came up saying: don't you have a home to go to, i have to precise that usually i don't do that kind of stuff but they took out the calmer person and replace it by some wild chick:)
Group photo
- I went shopping found some basics in the mall and bought the cutest skirts ever from my Thrift Store
- We went to our favourite and i had my favourite chicken Roquefort Sauce DELICIOUS
- I finally can present some decent photos to you guys hope i'll get better and better in this posting thing
- I spent amazing time with the BF i miss him so much during the week with my crazy planning:job, school..
- I normally don't like animals but my cousin owns a poodle it's like her baby, yesterday i spent the night at her's and in the middle of the night i wake up and i find Chipie sleeping next to me she was so cute I'm now officially poodle friendly (YES only poodles i told you i don't like animals but i'm formely against any harmful act towards animals!!)
My cousin Hind enjoying her 4Fromages Penne
Hind showing off her amazing Albano Peep toes
WARNING: extra cheese can damage your brain!!!

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  1. i love this red purse!! what a wonderful thrifting find. and the stairway pictures look so fun too!

    cute and little

  2. yummy the food looks delicious! and how funny you changed in the car! that must've been a heck of a job! good job on that:)

  3. The food looks so good and that bag is amazing.

  4. Thanks for your comment.
    Love the red bag.

  5. hey hun, thanks for coming by my blog!

    looked like a great meal you had!


  6. love the red bag! thanks for commenting on my blog! thrifting is a passiong for me too, it makes my heart beat a lil faster :)

    <3 steffy

  7. OMG I love all of this. Amazing post. Great picks, love. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.


    For multiple reports a day mon-fri.

  8. Haha I love the awkward story and your red bag! :)

  9. gotta love awkward situations! and i love your first outfit!


  10. I too love your first outfit. That Red bag is fabbbb! :)

    from © tanvii.com

  11. Awesome outfits! I love the way you use color in your looks... you definitely have amazing style! :)

    VPV Intern

  12. Your red purse is such great find!! cant believe that in TUnisia thrifting is so popular that you have to wait at 7 am, my thrift store does get sold out easily but I can still find great finds during the day too, was going thrifting this weekend but I decided to sleep lol
    The food look so yummy and your staircase pictures are sooooo cute

  13. i love the bright reds !!

    stop by sometime<3

  14. That red purse is really cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Great outfits:)

    Love you red bag!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  16. I LOVE your blog dear! :-)
    amazing... xoxo wonderfashionista

  17. Thanks for your comment, come back again soon.

    xo L.

  18. the red bag is awesome!

    i don´t have a red bag..i need one :D



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