mardi 1 mars 2011

I don't smile on pictures

Hi guys I've been away for a week i'm sorry i had some personnal issues my grand-pa passed away, he was the last grand parent i had and my favourite. Anyway this blog is supposed to be about fashion and sharing good news and i thought it wil cheer me up if i started posting again and chatting with you guys.
So tell me how was your week did you do anything special i wanna hear all of it!!
PS: about the title i noticed lately that i don't smile that much while taking pictures it's wierd do you think so??Maybe because i'm tired or maybe because i'm mean like those models on the runway they are fierce baby (not that i'm thinking that i could be a model but i'm starting to get the attitude)
Jacket (Handmade by my mom)/ Cardigan (Thrifted)/ Belt (Thrifted)/ Pashmina(Street Vendor) 
Top (Zara) / Flared Jeans (Buffalo)/ Cowboy Boots/ Bag (Longchamp)
Watch ( Guess)
And above all of that the weather is driving me crazy so i'm having the best plan ever: LAYERING that way i can adapt my outfit to the weather all day long do you have the same strategy??
See you tomorrow Inchallah as we say in my country
Wish you all a week full of hapiness, nice weather and LOVE :))

4 commentaires:

  1. you have the stoic model look down. i'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but hopefully blogging will help you get back in the swing of things. and we are all here for you!

    cute and little

  2. beautiful photos. sorry to hear about what happened. at least you got to know him :) i never got to know mine as they died when i was very little :(

  3. Layeing is so the way to go! Cute blog -so fierce! haha



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