lundi 23 avril 2012

Back on track

It's been almost a year since I did not blog. I missed the blogosphere, checking my favourite blogs and interacting with readers and bloggers from every part of the world. I decided finally to get back, it's something that I really like, I missed the fact i could express myself the way I want. A lot of stuff changed since my last blog, good stuff, bad stuff, interesting stuff.. I'm writing right now to give you an update about my life, what i experienced, how I grew and what I expect now from life or more the way I want my life to be. I've been single now for 9 months, now after a relationship that lasted almost 7 years, it's been rough but liberating; I had to choose do I want to live my life the way I want or do I have to stick to immature choices that i made when I was a teenager. After discovering that he cheated in me and after going thru the whole humiliation in front of every person that i know, I finally realized (really quick though after a couple of weeks)  that it was actually a blessing, I had the chance to choose my path, my life, my future instead of just do what I'm supposed to do. I started going out more often, started socializing again just for the sake of it, not trying to pick up boys or something. Almost (actually it was really it) I was discovering myself again, ,with him i felt trapped, bitter and with no clear ambitions. Now 9 months after, I can really assess what I've done with my life. I focused more on my career, I got promoted now I support the marketing and sales operations for the company that I work for , actually I made the choice to skip the financial career that I was predestined to for IT, as I decided to be single and to embrase my new life even after the pityful senario that he tried to make out to convince me to take him back, I'm now eager to get the most of the life that is given to me, I'm believing in myself again, I'm believing  in the bright future that I will have.
Now to the good news, I have a job that is so time consuming and so interesting that I'm feeling that anything is possible, I visited the US for the first time and went to San Francisco yeyeah!

I'm trying to get back on track and start working on my thesis again. I hope I can get that done, it's not that easy i have to admit that but I'm so hopeful and optimistic about my future.
Somewhere in the Mission after lunch in a GREAT Vegan Mexican restaurant "Gracias Madre"
Back to fashion talk now, I have to start doing fashion blogging again and it's not that simple to take outfits shoots without help (aka boyfriend) but I will start taking pictures of the outfits (not the worn version until i come up with a solution).
So I'm hoping to get really serious about that.
I'll leave ya'all with some of my favourite pictures of SF
Haight Ashbury and then right in front of the Dead Gorgeous House

I hope you will hear from me really soon!